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Technology recruitment trends in 2024

Compilations of the year are all the rage, but what if you could get a head start on the trends of 2024? Here are the top five trends in technology recruitment in 2024. Pay attention and follow our tips to optimize your selection process.

New generations enter the labor market

With the arrival of new generations in the labor market, old-fashioned recruiting methods will attract fewer and fewer candidates. It will be essential to take care of the Candidate Experience and work with platforms well prepared for the mobile world.
Tip: You know what candidates like the least is not receiving any news about their candidacies? Classify the Candidates you have received in your offers, and tecnoempleo will send them an automated feedback email about their applications.
Tip: Did you know that the app has 4.5 stars in the Play Store?

HR Trends 2024

Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence

After being the big news of 2023, Artificial Intelligence becomes another business tool to help you achieve your goals.
Tip: tecnoempleo provides you with anArtificial Intelligence toolbased on ChatGPT that will allow you to optimize your offers to achieve the best results. You will be able to find out the approximate number of CVs that will be linked in the offer. We will also present you our recommendations to improve the job offer and get more candidates. Enter your Company Menu to learn more about it.

Proactivity with candidates

Proactively contacting passive candidates is increasingly important to get the talent you are looking for.
Tip: Every time you publish an offer in tecnoempleo, we search for the candidates in the database that best fit what you are looking for, and we present them to you just a click away. All you have to do is enter the management of candidates linked to your offers and you will see all the professionals we have found. You will be able to contact them and manage them like the rest of the professionals involved.

Integration with other tools

Forget Excel; Multiposting tools, application management systems (ATS) and integration with any business tool are essential to get the most out of your candidates.
Tip: tecnoempleo is integrated with (practically) all Multiposting and ATS systems on the market such as TalentClue, Bizneo, SAP or Viterbit. As well as with automation tools such as Zapier, task control systems such as Jira… In addition, your published offers are also presented on LinkedIn Jobs, Indeed and Google For Jobs among others. Contact us to explore how we can connect with your systems.

integrations with tecnoempleo

Data-driven recruitment

Do you know what profiles you have access to with your current recruitment channels? Would you know how well a candidate fits your offer? Data-driven decisions will become increasingly important when making a hiring decision.
Tip: in tecnoempleo you have permanent access to the composition of the database, to ensure that it includes the candidates you are looking for. And all tecnoempleo candidates follow the same CV scheme, so that we can automatically analyze the fit with your offer and you can start contacting those who are most similar to what you are looking for.

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