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How to write an attractive job offer

Do you know that there are some aspects of job offers that may cause candidates not to send their CVs? Here are some tips on how to write a job offer that will appeal to candidates. If you are also thinking of recruiting IT candidates, pay attention because you are facing the most demanded professionals today.

write an attractive offer

Tips for writing a job offer that is attractive to candidates

  • Very short descriptions: If you only write what you ask the candidate and not what you offer, they will not send you their CV. Research keywords related to the position you are offering and add it to the offer. Remember that job offers posted on the Internet appear in search engines such as Google, so write content that is easy to find.
  • Killer Questions: These questions are Killer… because they can kill the candidate. Don’t ask questions that are already on their CV! This is one of the basic rules when writing an offer: if there are questions that can wait until the interview, it is better to leave them for that moment. Asking in linking may cause certain candidates registering from mobile devices or tablets to have trouble writing responses.
  • Company name hidden: Who would you work for? Candidates want to know! It is very important that you present your company and explain briefly what you do and what is your business culture. In this way you can create greater confidence in the candidate who is going to join your job offer.
  • Ghosting: If it’s not cool to do it on Tinder, it’s even less cool in a selection process. Keep the Candidates informed! This is one of the most important parts. Once you have linked CVs you must manage them by changing their status and informing candidates about how the process is going. A good tool that you have in is a Messages section in which you can write to professionals from your own company menu.

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