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How to post your job offer for free on LinkedIn

Do you want to give the maximum diffusion to your offers? When you publish a job offer you want as many candidates as possible to see it, in order to find the ideal candidate. But many platforms only publish their offers on their own page, thus reducing the number of candidates who will see your job offers.

For example, LinkedIn only publishes job offers on its own page, in addition to using a pay-per-click system whereby you pay for each candidate who clicks on your ad, whether or not it is the profile you are looking for.

That is why it is better to use sites like, which publish your offers on the best job search sites, so that all candidates who are looking for a job can find them. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • LinkedIn: The professional social network LinkedIn takes the offers published on and places them in its search results when a candidate searches for a job on LinkedIn. This service has no additional cost for companies that publish on, so it is a very efficient way to publish for free on LinkedIn without additional costs, and no surprises in the budget.

How to post your job offer for free on LinkedIn

  • Indeed: The offers of appear in the search results of Indeed, one of the most popular job search engines worldwide. In turn, many sites publish the ads that appear on Indeed, multiplying the effect when it comes to disseminating job offers.
  • Google for Jobs: We search on Google everything, and the jobs is no different. Google for Jobs shows the offers published in when a Candidate searches for a job through Google, with searches such as ‘Programmer Job in Seville’.
  • Neuvoo: This metasearch engine (which groups job offers from different sources) also publishes the offers from, again providing more channels through which candidates will find your offers.
  • And many more… thousands of sites publish offers, ensuring that your offer will reach the candidate you are looking for.

Choose to optimize your budget and get exposure in all channels and media where the best technology candidates are looking for jobs. Register now as a Company and publish your first job offer for free.

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