Skip to content integrates with your Human Resources tool integrates with your Human Resources tool to help you manage your recruitment.
You can also request access to our job offers so that you can integrate them into your website.
Or if you don’t have a website and you want us to take care of everything, we offer you a complete portal with hosting, management of your offers and private database.

I want to manage tecnoempleo offers from my HR software.

If you already have a Human Resources tool, you only have to contact us so that we can carry out the integration. From your management software you will be able to publish and manage all the offers and CVs you have in tecnoempleo, it’s that easy.

  • Ask us to integrate your tecnoempleo offers with your HR software. We are already integrated with tools such as TalentClue, SAP SuccessFactors or Bizneo, among others.
  • From your tool, publish and manage all your tecnoempleo offers. Synchronization is automatic. It also manages your linked CVs and selection processes.
  • We have other integration modalities and we would love to listen to your needs in order to evaluate a new custom development.

integrates your Human Resources tool

What if I want to display tecnoempleo offers on my website?

That’s what our XML bidding API is for
If you have a website or job portal and you want to show the offers of, just contact us and we will provide you with access to our offers API.
Our API returns the offers in XML or JSON format for easy integration into your website. And if you don’t quite know how to do it, we can also give you a hand 🙂

Or by HTML code directly on your website
If you do not have an XML extraction tool, then your option is to integrate our offers in your website by means of a simple code that you will only have to put inside the HTML of your website. We can also give you a hand in the integration process, just contact us.

But… What if I don’t have a website or employment section?

If you do not have a web page, or do not have a specific employment section, we have the option of create a dedicated job portal for your company where not only will appear your published offers, but all the Professionals that register in your offers will be part of a private database for your company. And if that wasn’t enough, we also give you a personalized URL and hosting on our servers, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Contact us to receive all the information


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